Workstation Planner

Workstation Planner
Find the right position for workstation components by simple clicking on your height.

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Five Reference Postures
The five reference postures represents a range of postures observed at computer workstations, but may be useful for many other common workplace tasks as well.

Reclined Sitting Posture

The user's torso and neck are straight and recline between 105 and 120 degrees from the thighs.

Upright Sitting Posture
The user’s torso and neck are approximately vertical and in line (between 90° and 105° from the thighs), the thighs are approximately horizontal, and the lower legs are vertical.

Declined Sitting Posture
The user's thighs are inclined with the buttocks higher than the knee and the angle between the thighs and the torso is greater than 90 degrees. The torso is vertical or slightly reclined and the legs are vertical.

Partially Standing Posture
The user's torso and neck are straight, the angle formed by the torso and thighs can range between 120 and 160 degrees.

Standing Posture

The user’s legs, torso, neck and head are approximately in line and vertical.

Reclined Sitting
       Upright Sitting
   Declined Sitting
Partially Standing