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Welcome to Ergonomic Accessories Inc.

Ergonomic Accessories Inc. (EA) has been a leader in the field of ergonomic products since 1989 and has always been focused exclusively on products that make performing work tasks safer and more comfortable. A natural extension of this process is an enhancement in worker efficiency and productivity, which has always made an investment in EA products a wise business investment for businesses of all types and is the cornerstone reason why EA has experienced such tremendous success and longevity in the highly competitively world of ergonomic products. Partnered with our loyal network of dealers across North America, access to our broad range of solutions is easy.

Consider that the inception of our company dates back to a time when typewriters were still commonplace on the office worker’s desk and that personal computers had yet to take hold as a staple in most businesses and you will quickly realize the enormous changes that have taken place in the modern workplace and that EA has been a constant source of solutions and expert advice during this entire period. We have been there with the business worker every step of the way through an exciting yet tumultuous time of ever-evolving change. We can hardly wait to see what the next 25 years will bring in terms of change and productivity enhancements and we look forward to being there to guide businesses and workers through that exciting future.

The vast majority of our products are offered with some form of quick ship since we recognize the urgency involved when dealing with people’s health and safety. Orders are processed within 24 hours to further support our high priority approach. We have enjoyed a remarkable rate of customer loyalty due to our corporate philosophy to “go above and beyond” and “earn our stripes” as a top-notch creative solutions provider. This “find a way” attitude has led us to develop many new cutting edge products for a myriad of different tasks and industries, as a result we shine when presented with seemingly difficult situations and have become known as an outside the box, creative supplier by our extensive customer base.

If comfort, safety and productivity is important to you and your company we believe EA is your ideal partner. Thank You for visiting our web site today and WELCOME!