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SpineSaver Series Saddle Chairs
Spine Saver Saddle Chair

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Our SpineSaver Saddle Chair series provides optimal support for users that employ varied working postures from fully seated through partially standing up to fully standing. It promotes a more open seating angle allowing the user's lumbar curve to be fully engaged and provide the shock absorbing benefits to the body that it is capable of. The user can derive great benefits in the fully standing posture as it allows the user to distribute some of the body’s weight load from the feet and legs and allow for more comfortable standing posture sessions. The “partially standing” posture as shown below in the "Five Reference Postures" is particularly valuable as it allows an existing workstation to be converted into a partially standing - friendly work centre with easily accomplished and relatively economical retrofits for keyboard/mouse and monitor (Cobra keyboard arm and Advantage series monitor arm can be ideal here). The user need not retrofit the station to a full standing height to enjoy many of the same healthful benefits that the standing worker enjoys. This allows for a more cost effective retrofit for the employer while still providing the worker with expanded posture choice.

To read more about the dangers of long-term, prolonged sitting click here and/or visit our “Resources” tab below.

Online orders come standard with 10" stroke gas lift, #4 arms, and Staccato fabric. To place a custom order please contact customer service. To review our full range of options, see our Order Guide

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Promoting healthier posture whether sitting or standing. SpineSaver: It's Got Your Back!
The saddle design encourages users to adopt a position that reduces strain on muscles, ligaments and joints
Five Reference Postures
The five reference postures represents a range of postures observed at computer workstations, but may be useful for many other common workplace tasks as well.

Reclined Sitting Posture

The user's torso and neck are straight and recline between 105 and 120 degrees from the thighs.

Upright Sitting Posture
The user’s torso and neck are approximately vertical and in line (between 90° and 105° from the thighs), the thighs are approximately horizontal, and the lower legs are vertical.

Declined Sitting Posture
The user's thighs are inclined with the buttocks higher than the knee and the angle between the thighs and the torso is greater than 90 degrees. The torso is vertical or slightly reclined and the legs are vertical.

Partially Standing Posture
The user's torso and neck are straight, the angle formed by the torso and thighs can range between 120 and 160 degrees.

Standing Posture

The user’s legs, torso, neck and head are approximately in line and vertical.

Reclined Sitting
Upright Sitting
Declined Sitting
Partially Standing

Product Features
• allows for varied working postures throughout the day to avoid static postures and negative health consequences associated with that
• available saddle only, saddle with back, and saddle with back and arms
• available in fabric, leather, medical vinyl and various other treatments to suit a myriad of applications
• optional writing/data input/task tablet can be ordered along with armrest option
• frames available in black or polished finish
• various caster options to suit varied applications

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