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202 Black
201 Burgundy
204 Dark Grey
203 Navy


Contents100%  Nylon
Weight/linear yard19½ ounces ± 1
Width54 inches usable

Breaking strengthWarp:438 lbs min.
    (Grab Test)Fill:566 lbs min.
    ASTM D-5034
Color fastness to lightL5
    AATCC-16 (40 hours)
Color fastness to crockingDry:Grade 5 min.
    AATCC-8Wet:Grade 5 min.
Abrasion resistanceWrap:Exceeds 200000 Double rubs
    (#10 cotton duck)Fill:Exceeds 200000 Double rubs
    ASTM D-4157
Seam slippageWrap:66 lbs min.
    ASTM D-434Fill:45 lbs min.
Bursting strength330 cycles min.
    ASTM D-3787 Taber
Stain resistancePASSED
water repellency
    AATCC-22 (80-ISO 3)
Soil resistancePASSED
oil repellency
    AATCC-118 (Grade 7)


State of California Technical
Bulletin 117PASSED
    Section E (CS-191-53)
UFACClass 1
Cleaning CodeWS