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The Benefits of CPU Holders

Easily Accessible
CPU Holders increase the convenience of accessing power on/off switches, memory cards, CD’s, DVD’s and USB ports. The position of the CPU Holder eliminates unnecessary postural movement that can be damaging to both neck and back. Poor posture and movement leads to stress on joints, ligaments and muscles. Many of our CPU Holders retract and swivel to allow increased access which eliminates these potential problems.

Convenient Connections
Plugging in and removing cables is made easy, especially with our CPU Holder models that incorporate a sliding and swiveling mechanism to bring the CPU out for even easier access. The convenient swivel feature allows the rear connections which are normally awkward to access to be pivoted to the front of the work area making such connections easier than ever before.

Tidy up your Workspace
Our CPU Holders position the CPU of the PC permanently and securely off the floor or desk. This helps to create a tidy office and a well-organized impression. In addition it ensures CPU’s are held off the floor where they could pose health & safety and damage issues.

Data Security
Using a CPU Holder elevates it away from potential floor hazards such as floods, pests, vacuum cleaners, mops and brooms. Our models mounted under the worksurface may also provide protection from floods and water damage from above such as leaky skylights or overhead sprinkler systems. Our locking models can provide significant security due to theft. Speak to your EA rep or our customer service department to decide which model is right for your situation.

EasyClinch CPU Holder SlimLine CPU Holder CPU63 Mobile CPU Stand
The compact ultra secure CPU fastening system The compact ultra secure CPU fastening system Mobile CPU stand
CPU64 Mobile CPU Stand CPUEZ5003 Adjustable CPU Holder Single Strap CPU Holder
Scissor Style Mobile CPU stand Adjustable CPU holder Single strap CPU holder
A streamlined and adjustable device with an innovative ratchet locking strap-support mechanism
Pro Series CPU Holder DuraGuard CPU Holder
DuraGuard CPU Holder
List Price $245.00
The Pro series CPU holders have increased stability and clamping force
Available in standard or locking models and stores on a 17” glide track,
The perfect blend between strength, security, convenience and value.