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Popular Combos
The tasks that we as computer workers in the modern office workplace, and let's face it we are all computer workers in some fashion or another, are incredibly varied and so too are the myriad of typical workstation layouts. For this reason EA provides many choices in the areas of keyboard arms, platforms, mouse options, and palm rest options. While there are many customizable aspects when choosing the right combination for you there are also many tried and true combinations that have stayed the test of time and have remained popular. Some customers find the prospect of choosing from all of the possible variables very satisfying yet others find this process to be a little daunting. It is for the latter group that we provide this list of best selling combination.

Cobra SecureFit Keyboard Combo Cobra PU27U Keyboard Combo EasyRiser PU20UMBR Keyboard Combo
Cobra™ Combo CA01
List Price $895.00
Cobra™ Combo CA32
List Price $632.00
EasyRiser™ Combo CH11
List Price $567.00

Health and Safety Top Pick
The combination of the Cobra with the sure-squeeze design of the SecureFit makes this an extremely stable keyboarding system.

Our Best Seller
The Cobra™ combined with our 27" (685mm) phenolic platform offers a large and stable mousing surface.

Value Ergonomic Combo
The EasyRiser, a long time favourite, pairs well with the versatility of the PU20UMBR platform.
Cobra PU20UMRL Keyboard Combo Cobra PU27D17U Keyboard Combo Cobra PU26U18 Keyboard Combo
Cobra™ Combo CA13
List Price $756.00
Cobra™ Combo CA33
List Price $652.00
Cobra™ Combo CA21
List Price $632.00
Houdini PU26U18 Keyboard Combo Houdini Merlin Mouse Keyboard Combo Houdini PU27U Keyboard Combo
Houdini™ Combos CG21
List Price $622.00
Houdini™ Combo CG13
List Price $746.00
Houdini™ - Combo CG32
List Price $622.00
Mini Cobra Merlin Mouse Keyboard Combo Mini Cobra PU27U Keyboard Combo Mini Cobra PU26U18 Keyboard Combo
Mini Cobra™ Combo CM13
List Price $766.00
Mini Cobra™ Combo CM32
List Price $642.00
Mini Cobra™ Combo CM21
List Price $642.00