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Of all the possible productivity-enhancing changes that you as a computer user can potentially make, there is probably none that will create a more profound productivity enhancement than the decision to add one or more additional monitors to your overall display. The experts are all in agreement on this one with verified production increases between 20% and 125% depending on the nature of the tasks involved. At EA we embrace this change completely and offer an outstanding range of multi-monitor options.

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Advantage Dual Monitor Cross Bar Advantage Dual Monitor Arm Adept Dual Monitor Arm
Adept Dual Monitor Arm
List Price $490.00
The new benchmark in monitor arms
The new benchmark in monitor arms
Adept Series delivers outstanding performance and a value
Xtend Dual Monitor Arm With Cross Bar Xtend Dual Monitor Arm Tempo Dual Monitor Arm
Enjoy all the same features and benefits of Xtend plus dual monitor use
Utilizing a dual cross bar, users experience simultaneous, parabolic viewing of 2 monitors together at an economical price
Dual Screen, Dual arm Pole mounted Xtend Arm
Economy priced dual screen monitor support with independent arm adjustments for each screen
Designed with elegant styling and smooth operation,
Tempo is truly in a class of its own, with clean styling and aesthetics, delivering superior stability and silky-smooth operation
Sightline Double Panel Monitor Arm SightLine Triple Panel Monitor Arm SightLine Quad Panel Monitor Arm
SightLine - Double Panel
List Price $660.00
Independent adjustment of each
The perfect triple array
Four screens in style
SightLine Hex Panel Monitor Arm Monitor Arm Mounted Laptop Holder
Laptop Holder
List Price $80.00
Simple solution for the intensive user
Integrate your laptop into your ergonomic workstation.