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Keyboard Arms
Not unlike the mechanism on your chair that controls the way it interacts with your movements and demands throughout the day your keyboard arm fills that same function as you work with your keyboard and mouse. The more intensive that work is the more important it is that you select the correct arm to match your individual stature, preferred working postures, furniture layout and task demands. EA offers a solution for virtually every user and set of circumstances whether the primary consideration is upward/downward range, compact storage, intuitive user-friendly design, budget or stability of use, you will find exactly what you need to transform the way you work and deliver the level of comfort to allow you to perform at your best day after day.

Cobra Houdini
Cobra Original
Adjustable keyboard arms designed to fit any workstation

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feature rich arm

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EasyRiser Compact
outstanding value

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ideal for tight spaces

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Legato Tenor
exceptionally high stability
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trackless Lift-n-Lock™ keyboard arm
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Momentum Sit/Stand Ovation Sit/Stand
Ergonomic support in both seated and standing positions
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Ergonomic support in both seated and standing positions
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Value Arms Accessories
outstanding value

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Tenor Trackless Arm Legato Keyboard Arm Momentum Sit-Stand Arm
The Tenor Arm is the most stable arm on the market
Using patented Lift-n-Lock™ technology in a concealed brake mechanism for superior lock-up and stability and a patented Dial-a-Tilt technology for 30° of tilt adjustability
Best-in-class ergonomics and elegant styling
The Legato keyboard arms lead our lineup for refined design, ergonomic features and exceptionally high stability
Ergonomic support in both seated and standing positions
The Sit-Stand arm design provides comfort by moving the user closer to the work surface
Ovation Sit-Stand Arm Front Swivel Bracket TabletMate
Front Swivel Bracket
List Price $70.00
List Price $185.00
Ergonomic support in both seated and standing positions
The Ovation includes a patented dial tilt gauge and a height gauge to provide specific ergonomic adjustments
Optional front swivel turns any keyboard arm into a dual swivel arm for increased mobility
Mounts to the keyboard arm for additional functionality.

Supports your tablet and allows for easy viewing and usage
supports tablets at any angle for viewing, typing or writing
KVS18 Keyboard Arm CornerShaper KVS21 Keyboard Arm
List Price $200.00
List Price $230.00
List Price $245.00
A leader in value and ergonomic performance
Soft touch knob for height and tilt adjustment
Turn vacant right angles into valuable useful workspaces
Our most economical lift and release mechanism
Solid ergonomic features and benefits
EasyRise  Lite EasyRiserâ„¢ Original Compact EasyRiser
EasyRise Lite
List Price $330.00
EasyRiser™ Original
List Price $390.00
Compact EasyRiser™
List Price $400.00
The value version of the EasyRiser™ features a soft touch knob tilt adjustment
High end ergonomic features on a budget
A long time best selling classic features ease of use and proven ergonomics
Simple, clean and low profile design for maximum leg room
All the same great features of the EasyRiser but in a compact version.
Great for shallow work surfaces.
Basic Cobra Super Compact EasyRiser Houdini
Basic Cobra™
List Price $415.00
Super Compact EasyRiser™
List Price $426.00
List Price $450.00
The budget-conscious solution with superior features.
All the range and posture possibilities of the Mini Cobra™ at a super attractive price.
A shorter mechanism offering all the same advantages of the EasyRiser
Great for super shallow work surfaces.
The most fully featured keyboard arm on the market.
Houdini™ simplifies your choice of keyboard arms, because it works just about anywhere and does just about everything
Cobra Original Mini Cobra
Cobra™ Original
List Price $460.00
Mini Cobra™
List Price $470.00
Flagship product with a dynamic blend of user range and ease of use
Sturdy box frame construction for a superior stable keyboard foundation.
Compact design meets additional upward range.
Height and tilt indicators make reproducing your favourite posture easy and convenient.
Adjustable keyboard arms designed to fit any workstation