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Compact Keyboard Arms
In some cases the most important feature of a keyboard arm is how easily it can be stored under the worksurface to clear the way for other tasks. For a whole host of reasons, some workstations demand that the keyboard arm be able to retract on a shorter than standard track length, whether that be 18” (457mm) or as little as 15” (381mm). At EA we offer a special line of arms that will do exactly that, allowing for full keyboard and mouse retractability, but not compromising on the great ergonomic features an intensive user needs and demands.

Houdini Compact EasyRiser Super Compact EasyRiser
List Price $450.00
Compact EasyRiser™
List Price $400.00
Super Compact EasyRiser™
List Price $426.00
The most fully featured keyboard arm on the market.
Houdini™ simplifies your choice of keyboard arms, because it works just about anywhere and does just about everything
All the same great features of the EasyRiser but in a compact version.
Great for shallow work surfaces.
A shorter mechanism offering all the same advantages of the EasyRiser
Great for super shallow work surfaces.
KVS18 Keyboard Arm
List Price $200.00
A leader in value and ergonomic performance
Soft touch knob for height and tilt adjustment